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Text Box: Performance Quarter Horses– Hancock, Blue Valentine, Sun Frost, Driftwood

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Gorgeous, BIG hipped, heavy muscled mare.  Dam was finished team roper ridden by Mark Wray.  Jae Bar Tip (NCHA $).  Very few Sun Frost dt’s left and she’s one of the prettiest.  Her dam is a full sister to RNJ Abigail (dam of CPRA super horse JG Hectors Pizzazz, aka Sonic).

Sire: Sun Frost x Doc’s Jack Frost

Dam: RNJ Emily x Jae Bar Tip

YU Emily Frost                     Movin for 2021   

She Is Classi Las              Movin for 2021      

Another Frenchmans Guy dt. Maternal 2nd dam was 7th in Nation High School Barrels, top Pole bender, multi– time saddle winner. Super kind mare that is STOUT all the way around and very balanced. Broke to ride. Super disposition and always puts a outstanding foal on the ground.

Sire: Frenchmans Guy x Sun Frost

Dam:  Chicaros Classilas x Pyramid Moon

The Easy Button                 Movin for 2021

OUTSTANDING 2D mare in just 5 runs and then we started breeding her.  Dam is a multi champ. barrel/pole mare. “Buttons” is the kindest mare you’ll find, super quiet with ton’s of brains. Her babies are the same.

Sire: Dash For Perks x Dash For Cash

Dam: Blondys Easy x Silver Ado Dude

Another “Dinero” mare from the Potter’s! This mare has a unique maternal side being a grand dt. of cornerstone mare, Corina Too, who was an unbeatable match race champ.  Corina Too is still found in the pedigree of two of the Potters current broodmares, including this mare’s dam– Figure Four 449.

MP Allfordinero                                       Movin for 20121

Sire: PC Frenchmans Hayday (DINREO) x Sun Frost

Dam:  Figure Four 449 x Eddie Blue Hancock

YO Foundational Frost              Movin for 2021


Full sister to YO Blue Drift, top barrel and rope gelding in OR.  Driftwood mares on Pat have always produced outstanding offspring. Mr. Poco Drift was Haythorn Ranch bred and we were told there was nothing in the pasture you could tie onto that he couldn’t pull.  Unique Palomino roan color, her first few Hotrod foals have all been red roan and palomino!

Sire: Pat Cowan x Sun Frost

Dam:  Miss Setta Drift x Mr Poco Drift

JC Frosty Midge                 Movin for 2021

This mare is owned by Kaylee Gallino and is a FULL sister to her great barrel horse, “BOB”- winner of over $50k in both the Pro and Ama circuit.  He is the West Fest arena record holder and back to back champion in 2016 and 2017. 2018 qualifier for THE AMERICAN, 2019 Houston round champ and Calgary invitee. We are so excited to have her here to breed to Dashing Move Fame!

Sire: PC Tru AZ Frost x Sun Frost

Dam:  RC Miss Oaka Boston x PC Boston Bob

Voo Doo French Girl               Movin for 2021  

Dt. leading Barrel sire Frenchmans Guy.  Cow bred dam - Cal Bar, Gay Bar King.   Great mind and disposition. 2018 American 4th place qualifier was Jane Melby’s Shameon U, a DTF crossed on a Gay Bar King grand dt. They can get it done.

Sire: Frenchmans Guy x Sun Frost

Dam:  Docs Voo Doo Vixen x  Gay Cal Bar

Whiskey On The Roxy         Movin for 2021

This mare was bred by Blue Borton and is out of the dam to her great champion barrel and all around horse “EARL” (Missin Earl). The filly’s sire is the booming Irish Pay. Roxy already has a colt by A Smooth Guy owned by the Sampson family. Her 2029 bay colt x Hotrod is for sale!

Sire: Irish Pay x Paddys Irish Whiskey

Dam:  Te De Nuff x Dry Snuff

Broodmares pg. 1

YO Easy Frost                     Movin for 2021

Easy- My other personal horse for years. Rocking chair lope, broke to death, extremely soft in the face, finished breakaway, shown in Ranch Horse.  A direct dt of Pat Cowan. She will put speed and the Sun Frost substance in her foals.

Sire: Pat Cowan x Sun Frost

Dam:  Saint Dipity Jay x Easy Saint (SI 107)

YO First Frost                    Movin for 2021

Uno- My personal riding mare for 5 yr’s. Finished breakaway, cutting training, shown in Ranch Horse, extremely quick and powerful mare that no cow could get away from.  She puts a POWERFUL baby on the ground every year we drool over!

Sire: Pat Cowan x Sun Frost

Dam: Wily Kendra x Wilywood




Dam:  Wily Kendra x Wilywood

Storms Comin                      Movin for 2021

Mare open due to no fault of her own. Own dt of Special Leader! Sir Austin Duncan has prod several stakes winners and pro barrel horses. She’s a big mare with ton’s of bone and a super gentle, calm disposition.


Sire: Special Leader (SI 103) x Special Effort (SI 104)

Dam:  Duncan Dustin x Sir Austin Duncan (SI 111)

Suzies Kitty’s sire– High Brow Cat. NCHA $76 Million sire as of early 2018!

For Sale $2000

 Shortys Smooth Girl             Movin for 2021

First time dam x the great Smooth Guy! Her dam was a top rodeo and ranch mare with the best disposition. This young mare has a very bright future as a broodmare being a fantastic cross on DASHING MOVE FAME! Ck out her first baby!

Sire: A Smooth Guy x Frenchmans Guy

Dam:  Barneys Shorta Cash x War Leos Miss N Cash

For Sale $5500

For Sale $4000

For Sale $6500

 Famous Spender           The Kandyman for 2020

Pro Barrel mare formerly owned by NFR Qualifier. We’ve always wanted a DTF dt. and so happy we found her! Gorgeous, great bone, BIG hip.  “Spendy” is bred to The Kandyman for 2020. Dash Ta Fame on Tres Seis! We have kept 2 of her filly’s for replacements and stand a half brother to her.


Sire: Dash Ta Fame x First Down Dash

Dam:  Four Footed Spender x Special Effort

Deceased 5.2020

Picture soon!

For Sale $7000

For Sale $6000